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"During our sessions, Fiona has continued to help me to recognise where I hold tension in my body, has introduced me to techniques to help me to feel freer and has helped me to explore what’s getting in the way.  Each session feels safe, confidential and non-judgemental and manages to combine the feeling of being safe while gently being encouraged outside my comfort zone.  Each session is unique and incorporates so many different things – including laughter!  After each session I have plenty to contemplate and also have some techniques to work on, so that I can continue to progress.  I would definitely recommend it!"  Jane Breeze, Cardiff

"Having been an active member of Fiona's class for years, I took for a fact that following knee replacement surgery I would soon be able to resume classes.....but 2 weeks post op I was shrunken, pain riddled, had lost my nerve and my balance and felt in utter despair and very vulnerable. I felt quite desperate. Fiona came to visit me and gently coaxed me to sit up straighter and then guided me through some gentle movements. The euphoria I felt was amazing and carried me through for several days which helped me with pain management. When Fiona visited again she introduced embodied coaching and embodied yoga postures along with Energy moves. As I used these practices and techniques over the next few weeks, they literally put me back on my feet on both a practical and a mental level. I also used Fiona's Seated & Adapted DVD. I can highly recommend Fiona to anyone in need of support/rehabilitation from any form of physical trauma, post operative pain etc.....and for general well-being...and who doesn't want that?"

Shened Hodges

"I have had two individual coaching sessions with Fiona on Embodiment techniques to manage stress and tension. This has helped me to be more aware of tension in my body posture, movement and reactions to triggers and situations. She created a safe, confidential environment for these very personal sessions with her empathetic, sensitive and practical approach, allowing me to experience the techniques of awareness, centring and choice. This has certainly given me some ideas to practise and develop. I look forward to exploring this further with Fiona and will thoroughly recommend her to my family and friends."

 Lyn Horrocks, Retired Chartered Physiotherapist

"The 1-2-1 coaching sessions helped me to stop, pause for thought and reflect. The practical body movement suggestions have helped to manage/react to different personal situations/issues. The sessions have given me more confidence to try and express myself in a more positive way, so that my meanings are clearer and more readily understood. You taught me how to centre myself whenever this is needed. It's a technique I have found useful and have tried to use regularly.

I would thoroughly recommend coaching sessions with Fiona, she actively listens and allows time for speaking, is never judgemental, takes time to reflect and puts forward suggestions on how a person could address their situations/issues. Fiona allows time to perform the practical suggestions, and although I felt self-conscious, it was definitely worth practising the techniques, as I found the suggestions made lead to solutions that I would never have thought of, they cleared my mind and gave me more clarity of thought."

LW  Retired Teacher.


"Having recently suffered from depression and anxiety, I found out about Nia after hearing it advertised on the radio and decided to give it a try – it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My ‘diagnosis’ often left me feeling very negative, but the imagery suggested during the classes is so helpful and really encourages me to think so much more positively. I absolutely love the classes and find myself using much of the imagery throughout my week. I love that I don’t feel silly for moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the class! Fiona is so understanding and encouraging and I find that very helpful too. I recommend Nia classes to anyone and everyone – with cherries on top!" S.H.

"Just wanted to let you know that last nights session "hit all the right spots" yet again!!!  After a long and particularly stressful day in work I didn't think I would muster up the energy to do much,but as usual your choice of routine fired me up and the energy caused my arms to tingle...then calmed down to the final which gave such calmness and peace...AMAZING.

Haven't tried out the seated dvd yet, will let you know when we do!  Also my back has much improved and I feel Nia is helping improve my core strength. Thank you Fiona." S. Hughes

“I always feel fitter and better after an hour of Nia.  It soothes my body and nourishes my brain.” P. Lyons



“If you are interested in this field of work, then you couldn’t do better than investing in a weekend with Fiona.  Her knowledge in this area is extensive and comprehensive and she shares it happily!  I was fortunate to see a show that she produced with one of her Seated & Adapted Groups, and could observe her, her mastery and her students in action.  It was a Joyous community event, which I found touched me deeply and inspired me to explore the possibilities in this work and in my own classes.
Thank you Fiona”

Geri Timmins Second Degree Black Belt Nia Teacher

“After the training and shadowing Fiona's classes we felt confident to walk in to a group of elderly seated participants and deliver an adapted Nia class and know we were doing a good job! Not only that, it has refined our own practice and enhanced our full mobility classes too. We never would have considered teaching visually impaired without this invaluable course - thanks to Fiona, our range and scope of work has expanded considerably.”

Amanda Franklin & David Fleming, Radiant Star Aerial Yoga 

"In short, I would say I grasped the clarity of what makes a good seated or adapted session. Hence, I am able to enhance the quality of my sessions, making them successful and enjoyable. By understanding the structure of a routine I gained confidence in deconstructing and reconstructing them according to the specific needs of a group. It gives me the confidence to observe and change the elements that don't work."

Krystyna Kozanecka, Leeds

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