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Take class in the convenience of your own home with the Seated Energy Moves DVD, featuring original choreography and specially commissioned music.


The DVD is proving popular with class members who want an additional session and those unable to attend a class. The DVD is also a source of creative ideas for teachers of many different movement modalities.


In this DVD Fiona guides you through de-stressing and re-energising movements using imagery, visualisation, sound and breath to connect you with the sensations of the moves. Movements magically blend with the music making you want to tap, shake, sway, punch, slice, reach and rest!

The DVD has three different movement experiences:


Funktion: 20 minutes of jazzy, funky toe tapping music and movement

Tribe: 25 minutes of a full pulsing beat, designed to get your core moving

Grooveworld: 25 minutes of an eclectic mix of sounds and rhythms to get you moving in and/or out of your chair


Each experience contains a Warm Up, a Get Moving section and finally a Cool Down to bring you back to a restful state. For each of them you will need a suitable chair. For ‘Grooveworld’ you will need  scarf and a small ball along with a little extra space-if you want to move out of the chair.

 'Grace' routine

 Student Version & Teachers Edition available

'Grace' is an elegantly crafted piece of movement medicine, designed to take you willingly into a state of grace, of effortless, uplifting joyous movement. The routine uses the music of Siri Sadhana Kaur whose inspirational, rich and passionate voice creates music medicine that speaks directly to the soul and gets your cells humming.

'Grace, is beautiful, vibrant and fun'
'Beautiful, energetic, and magical, loved it, cant wait to teach it!!'
'A graceful meditative journey into joy'

The Student Version......come and dance with myself, Fiona Winter and 4 of my class members. We will be dancing facing you, sharing our Joy as we sense the vibrations of the music through the movements, spreading the sensation of grace around the body.

The Student Version is for home use only, meaning that it may only be used for your own personal use. If you are a movement teacher you will appreciate just how much work has gone into creating ‘Grace’ and understand that you need to purchase the permission to teach this copyrighted material.

Purchasing the Teachers Edition DVD gives you the public performance rights to teach it or show the DVD in time's a one off licence! The Teachers Edition contains the class, filmed from behind, also with mirror images of myself and 2 students, a 'move it and groove it' section where I explain the choreography track by track, and a 'change it' section, where I explore the possible adaptations you may wish to make. It also contains a pdf of the choreography notes and music notation. The music tracks will need to be downloaded from itunes....or purchased directly from the artist ........9 tracks in total, the details of which are on the pdf.

I am also offering a discounted Teachers Pack, which includes the Student Version and the Teachers Edition.


                    UK Sales

           Student Version £15

           Teachers Edition £49

            Teachers Pack £59

       Europe Sales

  Student Version £19


Teachers Edition £54

   Teachers Pack £64

             Rest of the World

            Student Version £20



            Teachers Edition £56

               Teachers Pack £66