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'Moving in Nature'
'Moving in Nature'

Being in nature is a proven way of increasing Mental health and Well-Being, as is Physical Activity, so what better way to combine them by 'Moving in Nature'.

Site Specific events

Creating a site and group specific playlis, Fiona creates a unique experience of  embodied connection with the land.

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Embodied Nature Connection

Silent Disco headsets ensure no sound pollution for other users of the space, and a high immersive sound experience.

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'Dancing in the Dark'

Night time sessions create an added ambience and heightens the senses.

This photo: Valleys Regional Parks

Other Photos: Kate Mercer

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Tailored to your group

Contact Fiona to discuss creating opportunities at your site or for your groups to enjoy this uniques experience.The activity level can be tailored to meet the needs of each group.

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Mindful Movement

Mindful, stress relieving and energising movement in a safe outdoor setting creating opportunities for connection with self and others.

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