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Latest events!

     I offer a monthly 'Dancing in the Dusk/Dark'
                 around the time of the Full Moon and other special events.           
Please check my 'Classes' page for the latest sessions


Resting, nesting and emerging...Honouring the natural cycle

                            Online mini winter retreats

Image by Pascal Debrunner

ONLINE MINI WINTER RETREAT with Fiona Winter and Karin van Maanen
Saturday 3 - 6pm, 23rd Jan 2021

Gentle self-care session as an investment in yourself, in order to:

· Restore energy
· Increase enjoyment
· Improve the quality of your sleep
· Raise resilience
· Take care of yourself so you can take care of others

Sat Jan 23rd 3 - 6pm GMT

Emerging from the winter pause.........Sowing the seeds for a paced return to spring

· Leaving your winter nest slowly
· Ways to gently and intentionally step into the new year
· Pacing and preparing for spring

Karin and I will facilitate gentle movement to music, yoga, guided meditation and relaxation enable you to retreat and reflect on what is important for you in the year to come, and which new shoots you wish to nurture in your life.

Attendance £15-£35 depending on income

Choose which ticket price works best for you depending on your income level. Joining instructions will be sent in the booking confirmation email and a reminder will follow the day before the event.

£35 Full price (this supports people on lower incomes to attend)

£25 Lower price

£15 Lowest price (for people who struggle to make ends meet)

January 23rd

Online booking link (you will receive the Zoom information to access the sessions online after booking):

About Karin van Maanen

Karin brings a deep personal knowledge of Embodiment, yoga and meditation and skilfully makes it accessible and relevant to everyday life. Find out more:

Contact Fiona to register interest and discuss dates
 Working with special populations                         Beginners   Older adults
  Learn how to Simplify, Adapt, Sit Down.

Via Zoom at

The Summerhouse

                                                Simplify. Adapt. Sit Down!
                         A 16 hour online training course with Fiona Winter.

The Seated and Adapted Training programme is a 16 hour course for movement and fitness professionals to expand their teaching and their client base. With a small number of students on each course, this is an exclusive opportunity to attend a tailor made training to expand your teaching skills and knowledge and open up new markets for your classes. Learn about the what, why and how of adapting movement to offer a low complexity/intensity, standing, seated or semi seated class.

Learning to adapt your current movement form will allow you to integrate a wide range of people within your classes, and act as a template for creating specific classes for different target groups.

Are you a new teacher and need to build up choreography patterns for yourself and your students?
Do you teach a lot of beginners?
Do you have people in your class who are challenged by coordinating arms and legs together?
Do you want to offer a slower simpler classes, with the focus on healing?

Learn how to...
•Break existing choreography into bite sized pieces...deconstruct.
•Build up patterns simply…reconstruct.
•Take participants from what they know and develop skill and co-ordination.
•Make your classes accessible to a variety of participants.
•Keep beginners engaged and motivated and getting the 'magic' from their first class.
•Introduce new routines with ease and simplicity.

Do you need to adapt moves for certain limitations in class, lack of balance, low stamina, injuries, inflexibility, inability to turn?

•The principles of adaptation.
•How to apply them to your existing body of work.

Seated Movement......
•Do you want to extend your client group and open up new markets for your work?
•Are you interested in working with specialist groups, older adults, those with limited movement?

Learn how to...
•Apply the principles of simplifying and adapting to a seated or semi seated class.
•Safely and creatively work with chairs and seated participants.
•Keep the focus and integrity of the work you have embodied and share its magic with more
•Bring the Joy of Movement to everyone.

Fiona is a teacher, trainer, dancer, performer, fitness professional, course director, course developer and assessor with over 40 years experience in dance, fitness and health promotion. She was the UK’s first Black Belt Nia teacher, has a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion, a Cert Ed in Adult Education and numerous fitness qualifications. Through her work in many different settings, she has explored what it is that makes people - of any age and ability - move, have fun, play, and find health through movement. Fiona has developed a Seated Energy Moves DVD for class participants, which is also a fantastic resource for those wishing to teach a seated class. She shares her work internationally through trainings, workshops and masterclasses.

Fiona has recently trained as an Embodied Facilitator and offers each participant of the 2 day training an additional 30 minute private coaching session either during the weekend or after the training via Skype.

Participants who have completed the training have gone on to set up specific classes for older adults, those with arthritis and fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Dementia, those who are recovering from illness and injury, and working with adults with learning difficulties and visual impairments…..

Here's what some teachers had to say about the training……

I now have the confidence and skill to break down the choreography of a Nia Routine for the differing populations that I teach. The groups of adults with learning difficulties, and the 4-7yr olds, cannot always cope with the original, so now I can identify the signature moves of the track and adapt them to the music in a simpler way, without losing the original purpose. This also comes in handy with my regular classes when introducing new tracks with complex patterns. I have much more intimacy with the music and keener observation of my classes as a result. Also, I no longer feel that it has to be exactly the same as the routine DVD to be successful.

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to run classes for visually impaired, elderly/infirm adults, wheelchair-bound adults and others that need to be almost constantly seated. Without the material presented in this course, I don't think I would have had the courage to teach seated classes for the length of time that I have done. I have really come to learn the value of the classes in the chair and picked up so many gems for varying the movement. Not only that, I have seen remarkable results and improvements in these students that I previously didn't think possible. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to teach such a range of people during the week, and not a day goes by without me using the information I gained from the seated and adapted course it's been a massive springboard to infinite possibilities.
Amanda Franklin, Nia Black Belt, Somatic Exercise Coach, Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher, Aerial Yoga Teacher trainer.

Where was this information when I started teaching? I'm sure I would have kept some new people if I had been able to simplify what I was teaching. The course was very thorough and enabled me to experientially learn the basics of adapting and simplifying movement. Fiona has a great teaching style which is respectful, inclusive and creative and it was good fun. I now run a seated and adapted movement class in Norwich once a week and look forward to every session. One woman, in particular, who has Parkinson disease commented on the difference the session have made to the quality of her life. She is visibly more relaxed, has much greater range of movement and increased flexibility. I have found watching her improvement a great pleasure.
Anne Francis, Nia Blue Belt.

Cost of Training….…including a comprehensive downloadable manual, £270

Contact Fiona to discuss if the course is a good fit for you
Bagged Fiona.jpg
 Sunday, February 7th, 2021                                                       3.30-5.30 pm UK time
                        Find you Fun again, come back to your senses
                        and bring fun, play & pleasure into your life......
                                            it's never too late!

These three photos, show me having fun at 10, in my 50's and in my 60's. What you don't see is a picture of me at 40 when I'd lost a lot of my ability to find my fun, to play and to create pleasure for myself and seek it.

I know only too well how easy it is to get serious about life and all it’s challenges and forget how to have fun. Work, family committments, life uncertainties can all suck the fun out of being alive.

Do you want to find some simple, doable ways to find your fun again and bring back play & pleasure to your life?


Who is it for? What will I get out of it?

Anyone who feels they’ve got too serious……let’s have fun

Anyone who wants to feel fully alive again……..bring awareness to your senses

Anyone who wants to move more in pleasurable ways……find your pleasure in every movement

Anyone want to step away from doing things the same way, and have more fun……do things differently, be playful


We all be moving at times in the session, using a stool/chair, standing and if possible using the floor. Adaptations will be given to every task. Please let me know if you have particular issues I need to be aware of. You are all invited to move in ways that are pleasurable for you.


Anything else? I will invite you to bring some items to have handy during the session….e.g. something to taste, something to smell. I will send more information before the day.


When: Sunday,  November 15th, 3.30-5.30pm

Where: On Zoom…details will be sent when your booking has been received.

How much: £30 if you can afford this, you will be supporting someone else who can't/£20 normal price/£10 if you need a discount due to your current circumstances.


How do I book on: Email me  to let me know you are booking. Once I have received your payment I will send you a health questionnaire to complete, and once I have received that back, I will send you out the Zoom details. Let me know if you wish to pay via PayPal.


Bank details:

Mrs F J Winter

Sort code: 20-10-26

Acc no. 80115045

More to come soon....
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