1 hr £45
Build resilience to manage stress and overwhelm at work and at home.
One to one coaching using the body to explore tensions, tendencies and habits.
Your body can simply and easily reveal 'how you are', and help you to build awareness, & create choice in your life.
Improve focus & energy at work or at home, so you can do more of what matters to you.
Effectively manage stress and tension in your body.
Simple science based techniques. Get takeaway tools that work for you.
Fiona is an Embodied Facilitator.
Please contact Fiona for prices for small-group work-based coaching

Energy Moves 1 to 1 session

                     1 hr £40

An awareness based movement session, which can incorporate, Nia, Somatics. and Embodied Yoga Principles.


Explore where you hold tension in your body.


Release stuck tension.


Expand your range and quality of movement.

Integrate what you learn in class



with the rest of your life.

As an embodied facilitator and coach I often get asked “what is embodiment and how do you use it in coaching?”. Embodiment is how we are in our body. It is how we fell, sense relate and do, it shows in our posture and movement. Our shaping isn’t just a response to the present moment, but it is equally a result of our past conditions and experiences.

By using embodiment in a coaching situation it gives us a new way of looking at how the body responds to stress and overwhelm, whether at work or at home, and how we can build resilience. It can be a way of effectively managing stress and painful tension, and improve focus and energy, so you can do more of what matters to you.


I use simple science based techniques including mindful movement centering and embodied postures, and give you simple takeaway tools that work for you. We build awareness through sensation in the body which can lead to acceptance and the possibility of change & choice.


               Please contact me if you’d like to discuss a session

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